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One of my heavy searches was about the concept of “Time”.

Being an impatient person, I was always frustrated, whenever someone was asking me to wait, when something was taking more time than I could handle. To this reason, it isn’t a surprise that this flaw made excel in my life, complete degrees and certificates in an illogical time, get promoted in a light speed and fill high managerial positions, at an age where I am still considered as an immature being.

Although this brilliant success gave me so much uniqueness, independence and momentum, it was the cause that made me quit and give up on so much in my life, from my love life, to my health, to my relationship with people, friends and family. To discover later on, that I am, not only afraid of getting attached, I am also afraid of time. This scary abstract process, when it runs, it takes precious people from us, leaving us wonder the reason for which we were created, and the purpose we should have to continue being whatever we are.

To cut the story short, since I have well noticed that we are always angry and afraid of what we ignore and don’t realize, I decided to understand the “Time” concept, and maybe to try to re-explain it in my easily simplified way. Therefore, I am going to discuss:

What is time?
Is time a measurable dimension or an emotion?
Why do we sometimes experience days slower than others?
How do we accelerate time?
Why are we impatient when it comes to things and matters we seek?
How do we become patient and enjoy it?
Time and fears
Is it possible to stop time? And, should we?

The Wheel Of Time

Now, let me take you on a journey to the times of ancient civilizations, where the Native American tribes, the ancient Greeks, the Hindus and so many other cultures that believed in “The wheel of time” concept, looked at time as a cycle; as repeating ages over the lifespan of the universe.

A cycle resembling each evolving phenomenon, that starts from nothing and ends in the nil. The nothing that we tend to think that it does not exist, just because our 5 senses can’t acknowledge it. The same nothing that makes the water evaporate, to become invisible, but so powerful to unite again and give us the rain that provides the sustainability of our planet and its species.

Time was an illusion. A measure, a word, humans invented to describe their position regarding the motion of celestial bodies (stars, planets …). Referring to Aristotle who in his book Time for Aristotle: IV. 10-14 defined time as the ‘number of movement in respect of the before and after’.

Prioritize Your Goals and Become Mentally Strong!
However, is this still true? Do we really mean the day or the night, the winter or the summer when we talk about time? Having all days made of the same calibrated 24 hours, how could some days be longer or shorter than others?

Studies have shown, that time is the indefinite progress of existence and events.
And, without the 2 essential components “humans” and “events”, time does not exist.

Now, take a second and try to remember a moment where you felt time was endless. Were you enjoying the event you remembered? Were you at least doing anything?

When on the contrary, in your best moments, time passed so fast that you didn’t feel it. Feel it … That’s right ladies and gentleman, time is an unpleasant emotion we only feel whenever we are sad, lonely, bored and unproductive. Like the rest of emotions, we need to feel the good as well as the bad ones to a certain extent, in order to grow and evolve.

And, how do we evolve? We learn to accelerate time to the point that we stop feeling it. We accelerate it by replacing our empty meaningless days, with fruitful and enjoyable moments that serve our cause of existing. And, if you don’t have one, your days will always be long!

We need a reason, we need a meaning, our life needs a significance; and this significance can only be created and defined by us. By the way we have defined our identities and roles in this life, being a loving parent, a caring child, a good citizen, a world changer, … We are what WE BELIEVE we are!

The power of Belief! Having this strong belief in our cause, makes us fall in love with life, that we give so much and so fast, expecting to get anytime soon the result we wish for in return. When, suddenly time stops, we become so anxious, so impatient, so angry, so obsessed with our goal, that time becomes infinite in our minds and we end up quitting and blaming it on time.

Why? No really folks, why?!!!

Wanna know why? It’s because we’re doing it for the wrong reasons. And, the cause we have chosen to serve isn’t but a disguise we wear to impress. We care so much about how we are judged that we live to please our egos and other’s expectations, and not our real purpose.

Yet, as hard as this might sound, studies have shown, that this is the reality of our unconscious human nature. Because, seeking for acceptance and appreciation are one of our essential human needs.

Then, what should we do to really serve our purpose, be accepted and loved AND decrease the heavy impact of time, all at once? We shift our focus!

Instead of focusing on the result, we focus on the game. We alter our goals to become the process and not the material or sentimental result we once sough. And, I’m pretty sure, you all have heard this by now: “money will come!”

Prioritize Your Goals and Become Mentally Strong!

Fot that reason, when it comes to prioritizing your goals, consider the following:

  • Instead of fixating on money, shift your focus towards acquiring the skills you need to learn and develop.
  • Rather than becoming consumed by the desire to be married or loved by anyone, concentrate on understanding the kind of relationship you genuinely desire, envision how you want to feel, and envision how you would like to spend the rest of your life. This will help you choose a future partner wisely.
  • Lastly, rather than obsessing over losing weight, redirect your attention towards improving your overall health.
NLP will help you manage your time

Remember, the true essence lies within the journey, not just the outcome. Embrace this mindset, and you’ll find yourself experiencing a sense of contentment and patience as time unfolds.

Therefore, the next time you feel anxious, insecure, rushed… Pause for a moment, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Remind yourself that it’s only an imagined fear of time, and reassure your mind by repeating affirmations you truly believe in:

I am enough
I will only focus on what I can control
I am so grateful for what I am, for what I have and for the people who love me and believe in me
The past is gone, the future is way far, I live in the now.
Keep breathing and all your fears will fade.

At the end, I would like to conclude my essay, replying to the fears I had and talked about at the start of my discussion, the fear of time, and in other words, the fear of living, growing, losing people and identities, and mostly the fear of dying. Yes, we can stop time. We stop it by keeping ourselves protected from taking any risk of becoming attached to anything or anyone in this life, to end up isolated and living in constant fear of the last day. But, let me ask you one thing, why would you want to extend such misery? Is this even called life?

It is our deepest pain and major losses that shape us to grow and become stronger, wiser and much powerful. Be brave and live! Only, live the life only YOU want, and the future will take care of itself!

Believe in YOURSELF! Believe in YOUR power!

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