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Public Speaking training

The ability to attract the audience, to listen to you, engage with you, take the lessons you shared and spread the message to others, may be a gift for some people, but it is surely a skill that must be practiced from individuals who seek to make an impact, whether on their own or within a company.

Public Speaking skills enable individuals to:

1. Strengthen their self-confidence

2. Communicate better

3. Think more rapidly, creatively and with a strong structure of ideas

4. Break barriers

5. Believe more in themselves

6. Master the knowledge they acquire


Training For Corporations

Public speaking is a way to enable your employees with all the benefits individuals get from it, besides, creating a stronger culture of employees’ commitment, dedication, communication, and leadership. 

Not to mention, that the marketing strategy of a business requires press releases, PR, public events, where public speaking is inevitable, so why not to spare the dramatic scene of an executive talking but no one is listening?

Dunia has her own program when it comes to public speaking, whenever she is on the ground, the sessions must be interactive, fun, releasing, and powerful…

Confidence and Strength are what we promise you’ll have at the end of each session or event!

The program outlines:
1. Become aware of your weaknesses and strength points
2. Increase your self-confidence by eliminating public speaking anxiety
3. Improve posture, Voice, Tone, diction and the process of speech
4. Improve speech preparation and presentation Techniques
5. Develop skills in analyzing the audience
6. Diversify your speeches (informative, persuasive, demonstrative, special occasions)
7. Develop active listening and feedback skills