Enjoy the Impossible

Meet the founder

Dunia Haddad

Dunia Haddad

An explorer at heart and a Coach by design.

Hello I'm Dunia

I’m on a mission to shake your old beliefs and help you unleash your full potential to live a happy and fulfilling life.

We are shaped by our childhood rearing & education as well as by our experiences, how we react to them and what we learn from them.
Thus, we’re not passive regarding the events happening in our lives, we have choices! and the best choices are made by being proactive, not reactive to those events.
Accepting yourself the way you are, and loving yourself enough, doesn’t mean to become “change proof” or desperate about a major change reversing your life upside down to the better.

It means that you have this strong base, crucial to explore your potential more confidently, while being courageous enough to renew yourself to become the person you are meant to be. Throughout my experiences I broke rules as well as I set new rules for myself. Growing, I also developed a set of unshakable values according to which I work and make sure to reflect in everything I do!

Believe in yourself
Be positively curious
Dare to explore your potentials and deploy them
Everything is possible to be achieved if you can imagine it!
Set the bar higher for yourself than what people set for you
You are never too young or too old to change and achieve
Always serve a bigger reason