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A business is a piece of art that requires the coherent effort of several departments. “Leverage Professional” provides your company with all the corporate services for a business to function properly, scale, succeed and sustain.

Business Services

1. Organizational development
2. Management & Leadership training
3. Team building
4. Team work and team Effectiveness
5. Workshop facilitation
6. Change management
7. Time management
8. Project management
9. Conflict resolution
10. Brand & Culture development
11. Implementation, evaluation and audit the business model and the management system



“Leverage Professional” offers consultancy to companies in every business area, so they can benefit from the expertise and experience of our coaches, to be able to make the right decisions and implement the right strategies.


Professional Consultancy and Solutions are offered to corporate & SMEs:

  1. Projects Management from A to Z.
  2. Facility Management.
  3. Implementation, Evaluation and Audit of Business Models and Management Systems.
  4. ISO standards (Implementation, Evaluation and
  5. Assessment of 9K, 14K, 45K, 27K, 17020).
  6. Sales, Marketing & Advertising Strategies & action plans.
  7. Digital Marketing & Web development.
  8. Strategies & Structuring.
  9. Team Building

And Much More Customized Solutions depending on companies needs and goals.