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better salesperson


🖊Batoul Khalifeh


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Neuro-Linguistic Programming describes the fundamental essentials between our minds, our language, and the fact that this combination affects our body and behavior.


Sales can be easily considered both an art and a science. The artistry in sales is the picture, the tapestry, and the music that is smartly formed in the relationship between the salesperson and the client.


On the other hand, science is more about the diversified techniques of influence the salesperson uses to persuade the client to follow a certain discipline. When art and science genuinely unite, something special creatively emerges.


Almost every salesperson has been in a stressful situation that gave them an unpleasant feeling. It could be speaking to a room full of powerful sponsors and decision-makers or simply leading a meeting where the customer just had a bad morning. While these feelings of nervousness or anger seem to be automatic or unstoppable, NLP techniques of dissociation can help immensely.

NLP Techniques to Become a Better Salesperson

Research shows that NLP selling techniques hugely maximize your sales potential. But first, why should you use NLP in sales?

In fact, sales superstars around the world have deliberately and subconsciously used NLP sales techniques in all stages of their sales efforts – ranging from prospecting, and selling, to magnificently closing the deals.

The reason NLP is so important in your sales pitch is that it simply involves the development of behavioral competence and flexibility. At the same time, it involves strategic thinking and an understanding of the mental and cognitive processes behind any behavior.

As NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) gives us the tools and the skill sets to develop states of individual excellence, establishing a system of empowering beliefs and presuppositions about the understanding of humans’ nature, their communication paths and the way they evolve is a must to eventually excel in this field. Remember, sales are all about communication.
better salesperson
It’s about how you can magically move one person from their thinking to align with your own. This being said, learning NLP plays a large part in self-discovery and exploring your own identity. When you’re able to understand your own self, you can effortlessly begin to understand others.

In our known program, we radically go to great lengths to impart to our students the necessary NLP sales tools to easily build strong and instant rapport with their clients.

While this may sound impossible to you right now, establishing rapport with anyone whom you’ve just met, can be easily and efficiently
reached within minutes.

You just need to master the right tool – the NLP Matching and Mirroring technique. The truth is, mirroring is an effective way to subtly bond with anyone, giving you at the same time, an unquestioned advantage over your competitors.

Think for a second, what if you could closely watch your customer’s body language and easily understand beyond chance, what’s actually standing between you two, to generously start satisfying their needs with your products and solutions?

The main reason why we think NLP is always able to weave miracles into clients’ sales efforts is that it moves them away from the traditional sales approach, to a new level of sales artistry and mastery. Who doesn’t want sales?! To a large extent, the business thrives, only when sales thrive.

Miracles are created when you understand your own mind and the minds of the people you interact with.

Personal excellence, the will to win, the desire to succeed, and so on… All these are variants of one’s need to achieve what one wants. We all want success and we all have the ability to achieve what we want!