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be a good leader


🖊Batoul Khalifeh


🕓15 minutes

Power is a social game. To learn and master it, you must strongly develop the ability to deeply study and understand people.


In our NLP Training, we are interested in both; what motivates people and how people get motivated. Noticing that this gives us a tremendously powerful tool to leverage the changes we work on inducing in our current as well as our leaders to be.


The genuine purpose of leadership training is to strategically develop individuals with compelling leadership attributes. These include integrity, personal congruence, and a comprehensive suite of interpersonal communication skills.


NLP and Leadership go hand in hand. As Leaders wear many hats in their daily lives, NLP provides them with a powerful toolkit to efficiently excel in all the aspects of their various roles, including the level of their communication, influence, and performance.


On the other hand, one of the executive managers’ biggest challenges is bridging the gaps: Creating the needed harmony between departments, between employees and managers, between the teams’ requirements and the line managers’ preferences, and the list goes on and on.


This struggle can easily be solved as language is the key to diffusing conflicts with ease! If you are capable of using the right questions, you can smartly be building that bridge between the needs of your various stakeholders, who hold opposing views.


However, none of these techniques or language patterns work without the NLP help!

How can NLP help you to be a good leader?

Although NLP can be hard to define, many consider it as an instructional manual for the mind, as NLP strategically helps individuals become more powerful communicators, It magically enables them to radically influence their own thoughts and feelings, in addition to the thoughts and feelings of others in a predictable fashion.

While leaders are responsible for enabling individuals and teams to tap into their deeper potential, NLP perfectly provides them with a wide scope, empowering them with the needed flexibility to navigate complex and varied relationships.

From setting strategic direction through to identifying fundamental behavior expectations, NLP helps with aligning your business activity to organizational goals, providing frameworks for managing performance; as NLP ensures the message intended is actually the message received, by meticulously identifying how, why, and where miscommunication can arise… and what to do to smartly counteract this.

Moreover, learning NLP will also allow you to change the way you operate and more importantly the way you perceive the world around you.
How can NLP help you to be a good leader?

As you consciously start understanding people, you automatically begin reducing stress levels when interacting and specifically speaking in public, which is considered to be one of the essential tasks of management.

Studies show that the Fear of public speaking is the world’s most common phobia, where people with massive talents and much to give, often find public speaking to be a stumbling block.

Can you vividly imagine how much influence you’d be doing if you could impressively talk in public?!

Naturally utilizing all the NLP techniques, will efficiently lead to greater confidence and presence, maximizing your ability to clearly communicate more concisely, about what really matters to you to progressively create compelling goals.

Lastly, to become an efficient leader, you must be internally self-motivated. Thus, you must smartly understand your identity and your needs as you would firmly be ready to ethically do anything to achieve your goals.

Once you are self-motivated, and as you start leading by example, you can easily begin to influence others to achieve their goals and harmonize them with their personal targets to eventually match with the common goals of your community.

NLP is simply your briefer modality to approach all these! And, trust me, this is only a little of how NLP can ameliorate your career as an actual or a future manager to be.