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how to think positively


🖊Batoul Khalifeh


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What do people really desire? Is it wealth, family, confidence, conviction?!!

Whatever the want might be, it is unarguably tied to the desire for satisfaction and happiness, or specifically, satisfaction with one’s state of being. Such satisfaction is dire to being successful in one’s field.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop the self to further one’s situation in their respective domain, whether it is in business, corporate, education, public speaking, or therapy.

What is NLP and how does it help you to communicate?

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming was established by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970’s. where they were systematically studying how humans communicate as well as how individual reality is created (Robyn Goddard, 2019). If cognitive functions are perceived as systematic processes that are progressively defined by communication, conscious actions, and unconscious incorporation, then, people can

NLP and mental adaption
easily tune their thinking to strategically adapt or change and eventually reach their behavioral goals.

How to Think Positively with NLP?

To begin, communication is central to those individuals who aim at development and growth, whether politically, socially, or economically. Therefore NLP aims to invigorate this skill, as a key entity, for making behavioral changes.

Firstly, one must recognize that in order to communicate with others properly, one must know how to communicate with oneself.

Identifying flaws in our own communication capabilities is the first step to improving our dialogue and public speaking skills. This could be flaws in speech, patience, critical thinking, analyzing, and listening. Thereafter, each individual may subjectively create a program relative to their needs for improvement in their communication skills.

Rifki S. Nompo1 et al. (2021) claim that “Good communication using NLP can help reduce anxiety and can promote changes in people’s behavior patterns” and that NLP influences individual perceptions of the self, relative to “self- esteem, emotional and behavioral control”. Human emotions are abstract and generally unpredictable, yet it is necessary to train oneself to control emotions and use patience to rise from situations of stress, doing this would result in desired behavioral control.

Change your life
Human consciousness has been one of the most challenging things for scholars to grasp, yet, at its base it can be split between the dynamics of the conscious and the subconscious mind. The former is explained by choices and actions that we choose to perform, and the latter expressed through incorporation and as things that are done without thought.

Therefore, focusing on the subconscious is crucial for behavioral changes. This is because the subconscious is represented by circumstance and situational reference. For example, let’s say you are a person who uses swear
words prolifically, and want to remove this profane language from your day-to- day conversations.

You decide that from today I will no longer swear. You would quickly realize that this would be difficult or near impossible because swear words are implanted in the mind, thus, consciously choosing to stop swearing is not enough to reach your desired result. One needs to work on the subconscious for this outcome to be realized.
In the case of profanity, the person would first need to stop or minimize drastically the music, films, shows, social gatherings which use profanity in proliferation. By doing so, you have altered the circumstances and thus altered your perceptive reality, effectively stopping the incorporation of profanity.

If done properly for a good length of time, you will reach your desired result through this retraining of the unconscious mind. Note that your original choice to stop swearing comes from the conscious; however, it is the process that deals with the unconscious dynamic. This is one example, but the methodology can be integrated into many issues in life that need change such as passion, anxiety, anger, laziness, and etc.

Briefly, effective communication can be empirically analyzed and scrutinized for the benefit of the individual and the public. Understanding the self is crucial to understanding others and the various communities that we interact with. Human reality is relative and depends on one’s surroundings, therefore, we are truly products of our circumstances. Those who become masters of themselves through understanding and influencing their surroundings and circumstances will be enabled to effectively improve their behaviors as well as positively influence others to the benefit of the society or their relative fields.

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