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🖊Batoul Khalifeh


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What if your mind goes totally blank and you forget everything you have so hardly worked on to prepare? Are you going to say the right words to clearly get your message across?

What about the audience when they’ll be looking at you? Are they interested in what you’re telling them and actually taking you seriously? Or they’re just bored and staring at you blanking??

Fear in general is the word we use to concretely describe our emotional reaction to something that seems physically or mentally dangerous. That is why people naturally fear uncertain things and situations that make them feel unsafe or unsure, as they do not know what to expect in order to bravely save themselves.

And, glossophobia in particular, or the fear of public speaking, is a very common phobia and one that is believed to affect up to 75% of the population.

You Can Learn Public Speaking with NLP!

Although some people consider public speaking to be a natural gift, history shows that many of the greatest public speakers have gone through heavy phases of extreme stage fright, where they had to learn how to overcome them.

Panic may strike anytime! Whether you are delivering a speech in front of an audience, presenting a business pitch, or even applying for a job interview. So, how do you overcome your fear of public speaking if you wish to do better in your career?
Imagine having the capacity to easily take this fear you have and courageously transform it into some sort of unlimited energy that can positively help you perform better in your public speeches!! I bet you’re strongly curious to know more about how to do that. Are you not?!

Well, to reveal more about the secret weapon you need, to conquer your deepest fears, I can simply start by telling you that using NLP and being mindfully aware of how to approach this fear, both mentally and physically, is what you need to change the perception for good. Presentation skills, after all, are about being present!
learn public speaking with NLP

So How Can Neuro-Linguistic Programming Help You Forget The Fear And Enjoy Your Public Speaking?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and public speaking often go hand in hand. Not only does NLP work wonders when it comes to overcoming a fear of public speaking, but NLP is also the preferred tool for speakers, trainers, and teachers to create and deliver powerful presentations. As NLP Strategies can be used to streamline well-built schemes for successful Public Speaking, it competently provides various techniques and methodologies to drastically improve Public Speaking skills.
learn public speaking with NLP
Because It essentially provides you with the instinctive tools to clearly divert your view and meticulously point you toward a more positive path.

More often than not, those who fear speaking in a crowd put so much focus on the perceived responses of their audience rather than putting emphasis on themselves. Instead of worrying about what others will think of you, why not ask questions about how you can intelligently make your presentation better to come out triumphant given the social setting.

The linguistic skills we acquire in NLP, enable us to communicate in a much more eloquent way freely. Also, using these skills, we build greater mental resilience as we become able to rapidly deflect criticism and maturely react to our audiences in a remarkable constructive way.
To add, NLP significantly improves our confidence in public speaking, as It can magically help us blow out a negative state, from a specific situation, while providing us with a strong method to achieve SMART goals.

Our voice is free and expressive, so instead of ‘controlling’, think of ‘releasing’ the tension. NLP can easily free up the vocal mechanisms, making your speech and your identity closer to the heart.