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A conflict, an opportunity for change and innovation

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Take a moment and think of the last time you had a disagreement, a misunderstanding, or a conflict with your partner, one of your family members, friends, colleagues, or maybe customers. How did it feel? Wasn’t it stressful and frustrating?

Do you easily get angry, upset, or anxious when you communicate with other people? Would you like to change the feeling you’re getting each time you want to communicate a different opinion and actually start creating harmony and enjoying the talk?

Let’s start by understanding:

What Actually Creates Conflict in order to Change Your Life?

Egos? Competitive tensions? Is someone having a bad day? pride? jealousy? power struggle? – pretty much anything can! Much conflict is born out of 2 things: poor communication and emotions.

Having people from different dispositions, behaviors, values, and cultures make Conflict an inevitable byproduct of any social environment.

That’s why the fact of understanding that people act and think the way they do, is purely related to the way they’ve been conditioned and not because they hold any grudge against you as a person, is the first step that eases how we accept the replies we get, so we can calmly formulate our responses in a rational way.

But how do we control our minds in a way that actually helps us remember what’s behind the opposite opinion to be able to start reacting in a more civilized way?

Naturally, in situations charged emotionally, most people either disregard the other person’s point of view or sarcastically trivialize it. Either way, both of these attitudes are considered to be the oxygen that fuels conflict.

Whereas on the opposite lane, fully recognizing that a problematic situation exists, by being clear and honest, is definitely the best way to go.

That’s why acknowledging the pickled situation you’re in and taking a non-defensive position, give your contender the opportunity to freely express their feelings and emotions, which eventually pave the road towards real problems-solving and better communication.

Change your life with NLP
Therefore the primary goal of resolving conflict isn’t to establish who’s the right or wrongdoer, as the aim is to get to a solution that both parties find palatable in the long run. That’s why in order to make this happen, you must crucially place a laser-beam focus on the needs, so you can eventually find the right solutions that could please the various parties.

And, to determine the needs, you must correctly find out the reason behind why the parties are requiring the solutions they initially outlined.

Yet, among all these steps, the one that rightly characterizes all the great influencers is the capacity to listen!

As actively listening allows us to easily suspend the assumptions, judgments, and values imposed by our past experiences, displacing our subjective mind, heart, and will to the experience, perception, and values of the other.

Active listening is the right door to understanding. It allows the healthy and necessary displacement from the center of our ego to the periphery where change and innovation can be discovered.

Overcome your conflicts and Change your Life with NLP

Change your life with NLP

Now These are only a few of how NLP can help you overcome your conflicts and rewire your brain to make the right steps!


Using NLP techniques, Individuals can be encouraged and equipped with the necessary ammo to consider differences in others as opportunities for them to learn and expand their perceptions.


As NLP teaches individuals to learn the easiest and the most effective tools to resolve conflict, people start cracking the cooperation code to magically master the ability of positive influence.

WHY?! NLP explores the link between the language we use, our thoughts, and our actions. It uses conscious changes in language to bring about positive transformations in behavior and mindset. Since a lot of conflict finds its roots in poor communication and negative thoughts, taking a course in NLP is a great way to develop your conflict management skills!

Remember, one of the principles that NLP teaches you, is the ability to take a step back and become an observer in stressful situations. When you are capable of doing this, you can easily start viewing the conflict without being carried away by the emotions involved in it.

From this objective viewpoint, you will unconsciously start finding that you are able to think more clearly about the situation to rationally start finding solutions.

While NLP also teaches you a lot about communication styles, having this knowledge allows you to effortlessly start noticing the direct and indirect effects of d the way you speak from the result of your communication.

For that reason, learning NLP will definitely help you in remaining calm in stressful situations while using the right tone, pace, and volume of speech to lead others to the place you want them to reach.

In fact, conflict does not have to be necessarily a source of anxiety and fear, as It can be an opportunity for change and innovation. As I see it, it’s an invitation to open your mind, your heart, and your will to elevate your game, to get to the next level in your own life, or that of your family or organization. It is an invitation to open the door to the emerging future.

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Because every situation is an opportunity, learn how to take each opportunity to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


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