Public Speaking

To radically change anything in your life, you either need an extraordinary source of inspiration or you have to reach your lowest bottoms and be at your extreme desperation.

Remember the last time you were in your full forms and had the power to do anything you want. Were you in love? Had you watched a movie that really gave you this power to defeat anything with your own mind? What was your motivator?
Inspiration is, what makes you wake up and do all what it takes to succeed in anything.
Imagine becoming the ideal version of yourself, breaking all the limits and living the impossible! How does it feel?
Public speaking events held by Dunia Haddad are interactive sessions that inspire, teach and involve all the attendees. Each speech is designed to suit the specific needs and goals required.
Thanks to her methods and abilities that inspire people to know their real value, Dunia has been coaching teams for the past several years on reaching their peak performances, defeating all life’s negative events and succeeding in their lives.

From her own experiences, she is capable of inspiring people to become whatever they dream of becoming.

Types of Public Speaking Events
Find a purpose in life
Get over abuse problems
Have self-motivation
Reach peak performance
Accept, love and forgive yourself
Find happiness and maintain it
Get over past experiences
Personal growth
Reach goals
Communication Skills
Get rid of fears
Have self-confidence
Defeat difficulties
Manage emotions
And much more…