Changing, the coaching game.

Dunia Haddad

Enjoy the impossible is a coaching business aiming to improve individuals and companies performances. This project is led by Dunia Haddad, a life-coach, an NLP Trainer and a motivational public speaker, certified by the National Federation of Neuro-linguistics programming - NFNLP - USA

She is a holder of a Bachelor in Economics and Management, a certified Fraud examiner, a Certified project manager and an ISO Certified Internal Auditor for different types of management systems with more than 12 ongoing years of experience in Business, Finance, Auditing and Management. She has been coaching teams and individuals for the several past years on how to have self-motivation and how to aim for development in all the areas of their lives.

Working with you, will give us the pleasure to know more about your unlimited potential, capacities, and the power you possess to break all your walls and beyond. You will naturally enjoy every single moment living your impossible!