NLP Business Programs

NLP is the master of mind coaching, and the mind is the greatest human asset ever. That’s why there are several NLP businesses programs you can undertake, so you can take yourself and your business to the next level.

NLP For Easy persuasion skills and “Magical Sales”

When you unlock the deepest thoughts, understand the behavior of the people around you and what drives them to act in particular way or take a particular decision, what affects their thinking and behavior, you will only need the right techniques to be able to influence them in a certain direction, persuade them, inspire them, and motivate, which will drive your company’s sales up.
This is a 32 hours program or 4 days program, where you get to learn tons of things that will change your business world.
Startup enthusiasts who understand the importance of the selling skills in building a successful and sustainable business,
Sales people who are building their careers on sales, and want their sales to skyrocket and dominate the 1st rank in their companies,
New ecommerce businesses looking to making profit despite all the economic crises,
Multi-level marketers who are building their career in the hard market,
Sales managers who constantly work on their personal and team development,
Companies planning to invest in their sales force, and improve their skills,
The answer is simple, the more you invest in your knowledge, the more you can invest in yourself, and your sales force… Therefore, the more revenue you can achieve.
Become a master of persuasion and skyrocket your sales NOW.


The program outlines:

1-The psychology of buying and selling
2-Building Rapport
3-Creating Magic: Techniques for a successful sales strategy
4-Effective listening
5-Verbal techniques to build trust
6-Building trust non-verbally
7-Discovering your client's strategy
8-Pacing and leading
9-Cashing objections
10-Closing successfully

NLP for Effective Communication & Smart Persuasion Skills

This program is centered around effective communication skills in addition to the smart persuasion skills.
All NLP programs are key to understanding the mind and the deepest thoughts of the individual in front of you, the difference remains in the focus.
This program's focus is self-centered, around the ability of the sales person to establish a rapport between them and their lead or clients, through active listening and empathizing.
Upgrading your communication skills through NLP is another dimension of self-development.


The program outlines:

1-Active listening
2-Building rapport
3-Pacing and Leading
4-Applying the smart persuasion skills

NLP for Projects Management

The program outlines:

Project Management Phases and Processes, logistically and financially:

4-Monitoring & Controlling