Business Coaching Programs


Coaching is the best way to change your life with foreseen results. “Enjoy The Impossible” offers individuals & corporate delegates the possibility to upgrade their leadership, communication and business skills, in several areas. Becoming a better leader in your industry and company is crucial for a growing and healthy career.


Efficient Leadership & Management

Leadership Management
You are surely hearing about leadership a lot these days, and how it is promoted at the expense of management.
The truth is, leadership doesn’t negate or nullify management… they complete each other.

You LEAD people,
You MANAGE things,
That's the difference!

What will you learn?

You will have a lot on your plate, but nothing impossible to digest. You will rather be satisfied by the incredible value you are getting to the point that you will be willing to give more!
You will learn about the different schools of leadership.
Assimilate the true meaning of leadership, by practice.
You will learn how to lead by example.
Understand the importance of management in Leadership.
  • Managing yourself
  • Explore people management concepts
  • Manage teams
  • Managing conflicts
  • Managing change & transformation
  • Directing performance

Become A Certified Business Leader

The world is changing faster than ever.
Businesses are changing fast.
More effective leaders are in high demand to respond to the rapid changes and prevent a company’s crush.
The job market is saturated with specialized people, bachelor and master’s degree holders, mediocre experts, and “wanna be'' leaders… The job market will no longer make place except to distinguished leaders and pioneers in their fields.

What will you learn?

  1. Learning Strategic Thinking
  2. Smart Management
  3. Efficient Planning
  4. Training Skills

Conversational Management

Conversational Management

What will you learn?

  1. How to enhance performance for greater results
  2. How to establish a positive conversation & build trust
  3. Shift from the boss mentality to the leader mentality
  4. Change from a tactical or remedial conversation to a deeper learning conversation
  5. Exercise active listening to mine the content in the story for a powerful shift in thinking.

Leadership Styles and The Art of Influencing Other

Leadership is universal, has universal skills and traits, and the most important one is “INFLUENCE”.
You don’t lead because you want or you think you can…
For some it is innate, but for the majority of the people, leaders are built skill by skill, with experience, will, and determination.
Influence cannot be imposed, it must flow from you to people in a natural way, because leadership is not a position, it is winning people’s hearts, minds and even their will.
Although leadership is universal, there are different schools, thus different leadership styles, you will learn them in this program.

What will you learn?

  1. The 4 leadership styles.
  2. The best ways to a healthy communication.
  3. The 4 dimensions of influence.
  4. Organizational intelligence.
  5. Team promotion.
  6. Trust building.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Decision Making
A company, organization, or any institution can never thrive and grow when it is unable to solve problems effectively or make the right decisions, at the right time.
The inability to master those 2 skills, threatens your leadership of the company, and can have severely negative consequences.

What will you learn?

  1. The process of decision making.
  2. The 6 stages problem solving process.
  3. Techniques of problem solving.
  4. Making the decision and proceeding with the actions.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence
IQ has retreated in the face of EQ.

Understanding emotions and being able to control them is a crucial skill on the personal level and organizational level.
Emotional intelligence, nowadays, is a winning trait of the job applicant, considered by recruiters.
Emotional intelligence is the ultimate power of a leader, when leading themselves, the team, and the company. It is the ability to control oneself, to better communicate with others, accept a failure and learn from it, celebrating a win while also learning from it without letting it interfere in tomorrow’s outcome, the readiness to accept criticism and build on it, make wiser decisions and better investments.

Time Management

Emotional Intelligence
GREAT leaders and GREAT investors are great masters of TIME MANAGEMENT.
When you are overloaded, your schedule is fully booked that you barely have time to breath and you finish your day exhausted, maybe also unsatisfied because you’re trying your best with a calendar, but actually you’re not achieving your target and missing on your daily goals, that you feel that time management is a myth and life is harder than you have ever imagined.

Well, time management is never a calendar and time slots, with unlimited tasks!
If this is your case, you must know, life is not that hard, you are making things hard on yourself.
Time management is not a burden to add on your other burdens.
It is the ability to invest in your time in a wiser, and more effective and efficient way.

Personal Development

Personal Development
We live in a fast-changing world, the job market is shifting rapidly, and asking more and more skilled people.
There is no more place for mediocre job seekers, companies, startups, governments are seeking the expertise of experts who are an authority in their fields.
You will only achieve this state by constantly working on yourself and giving your personal development the lion's share, in your new year resolutions and goal setting strategies.
That doesn’t mean that you have to cede all the fun and leisure of life, it means that you have to consider your priorities and how you spend your free time.
This is a program that will shift your mentality, change your perspective, increase your awareness and improve your skills.

What will you learn?

  • The true meaning of personal growth and human development
  • All the ways possible to accelerate your personal growth
  • Few character specs to grow on the way to Personal Development
  • 3 of the rules leading to Personal Growth
  • The 5 Stages of Personal Growth
  • How to Create a Personal Development Plan
  • The 5 Aspects of Holistic Health

Who is this program for?

  • Everyone who is disciplined enough to commit.
  • Everyone who knows the power of commitment.
  • Everyone who is eager to transform their life.
  • Everyone who wants to reach their potential.

Diversity Program

Diversity Program
Diversity is a treasure, culturally, socially, economically.
Today’s biggest companies are embracing different cultures, praising diversity, and speaking loud for gender, race and all kinds of equalities.
The failure to do so will have negative consequences on the culture of the company, its brand, and its public image.

What will you learn?

  • Different types of diversity.
  • Diversity Training.
  • The benefits and the best practices of diversity management in the workplace.